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Waldoch Warranty Details

Congratulations on your purchase of a Waldoch custom vehicle package!

We at Waldoch are committed to offering the highest quality components available to our customers. It is important to note that some components of your Waldoch custom vehicle may have specific maintenance requirements. The following steps will aid you in protecting your vehicle while supporting the warranty.

Suspension Systems

    1. Your suspension system requires specific alignment specifications.
    2. Mounting bolts for your suspension system must be re-torqued after 500 miles and an additional alignment should be completed per manufacturer instructions. This is imperative to the safe operation of the lift vehicle. (these records are required to be provided for any warranty claims on the  suspension).
    3. Off-road travel as well as common road hazards, i.e. potholes, curbs, or uneven pavement, may alter your vehicle’s alignment settings.  It is the customer’s responsibility to have alignment checks at regular mileage intervals.
    4. Modified vehicles can have unique handling characteristics. Familiarize yourself with these and make adjustment accordingly.


    1. Custom wheels require maintenance to maintain shine and elegance. See wheel warranty for specific instructions. Waldoch does not warranty rusting, pitting, or road wear on wheels or other chrome products.
    2. Lug nuts on custom wheels need to be re-tightened after the first 100 miles. This is considered a maintenance requirement.


    1. Consult lift instructions for procedures to follow if you have front tire failure. Some models require specific instructions and failure to follow these instructions can cause vehicle damage not covered under warranty.
    2. Tires that are larger or smaller than factory tires may cause your speedometer to read slightly higher or lower. You should be aware of this and make adjustment accordingly. A calibration power programmer is an option available for purchase.

Custom Paint

    1. Your Waldoch vehicle may include a custom paint design or color keyed components. These items are warranted against paint flaking and workmanship. Damage caused by rock chips or other road or off-road debris will not be warranted.
    2. To keep your Waldoch finish clean and shiny, wash it regularly using a mild automotive detergent. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaners or rags on the exterior of your Waldoch – they will scratch the finish. For added protection, you need to occasionally apply a high quality car wax.

Molded Exterior Components

    1. Molded components (Running Boards, Step Boards, Visors, Spoilers, Flat Lids, Toppers etc.) require special care.
    2. Color-keyed components should be waxed no less than 4 times per year.
    3. Road debris (gravel, rocks etc.) can very damaging to molded components and should be avoided. Note: Rock chips and scratches are not covered under warranty.


    1. Stainless steel exhaust tips require regular maintenance to maintain shine and elegance. See exhaust warranty for specific instructions.  Waldoch does not warranty rusting, pitting, or road wear.

Thank you for purchasing from Waldoch Crafts, Inc.
We have products available to assist in the care of your vehicle.
Contact us at 651-464-3215 or 1-800-328-9259

Limited Warranty

Waldoch Crafts, Inc. warrants Waldoch parts and equipment for this vehicle against substantial defects in material and workmanship for a period of 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the date of the original purchase of the vehicle from the dealer, under normal use and service.

This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover:

  1. Tires. Tires are subject only to the warranty provided by the tire manufacturer.
  2. Lifts. Mounting bolts for your suspension system must be re-torqued after 500 miles and an additional alignment should be completed per manufacturer instructions. This is imperative to the safe operation of the lift vehicle. (these records are required to be provided for any warranty claims on the  suspension).
  3. Wheels. Damage and corrosion occurred due to improper maintenance or a result of accident or road conditions, is not covered under warranty.
  4. Equipment such as radios, televisions, compact disc players, radar detectors, custom seats, air conditioners, wheels or any other items that are individually guaranteed by their respective manufacturers. Waldoch Crafts, Inc. does not provide warranty for such items in addition to that provided by the manufacturers of such items.
  5. Damage caused by misuse, accidents, negligence, overloading, road debris or ordinary wear and tear.
  6. Consequential damages, including, but not limited to, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, transportation cost, loss of time, loss of income, lodging expenses, or loss or damage to personal property. (Certain states do not permit the exclusions of incidental or consequential damages, the above limitation or exclusion may not be applicable to every customer.)
  7. Fog Lamps. Bulbs for fog lamps and exterior lighting are not covered under warranty.
  8. Running Boards. Defect, malfunction, or damage caused by accident, normal wear (i.e. rock chips, spider cracks, heavy snow etc.), off road use, alterations, abuse , or application of abrasive or strong chemical cleaners are not covered under warranty.
  9. Bulbs, fuses, and batteries are not covered by Waldoch warranty. These are all regular maintenance items.


Procedures Related To Warranty Work

In accordance with our dealer warranty policy, included with your Waldoch conversion, all warranty work must be approved in advance by an authorized representative. Waldoch Crafts, Inc, will not reimburse any dealer for labor or parts provided under this warranty unless Waldoch Crafts, Inc. grants approval for the specific work to be done and the amount to be charged in advance.
Time Limitations 

As indicated above, this limited warranty extends for a period of 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from
the date of original purchase of the vehicle from the dealer. In order for this warranty to become effective, all claims must be submitted to Waldoch Crafts, Inc. within such period and within 45 days of repair.


If your Waldoch conversion is in need of service, a trained technician at your local dealership should be able to service it. Most components are easy to access and our customer service team is available with technical support. If for any reason your concern cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, please call us at our toll free number (1-800-328-9259) so we can assist you. Please review warranty information for guidelines.

When you call, please be prepared to provide:

  1. Your name, address and phone number.
  2. In service date and date of purchase.
  3. The current mileage of your vehicle.
  4. The original selling dealer’s name and location.
  5. The nature of the problem or question.
  6. The vehicle identification number (VIN) on your Waldoch. This can be found on the identification tag located in the center console, in the glove compartment or on a plate on the left front corner of the dash, visible through the windshield.