How Do I Buy A Waldoch Vehicle?

As an authorized up-fitter and partner of Ford and Ram we are in a unique position to bring you brand new vehicles with the added refinements, performance and style you cannot get from a stock vehicle.  The way our partnership works is that we are a stop along the way between your dealership and the factory the produces the vehicle.  We hold vehicles in stock here and when a dealership is ready for a special Waldoch vehicle they call us and we pull one from our inventory to customize to their specifications, when complete this vehicle then makes it way to a dealership to be sold..

Although Waldoch builds the vehicle we are not actually a “car lot” or “automobile dealership”.  Yes you can see many new trucks and vans in our inventory but none of them are for sale to the general public.  As part of our relationship with manufacturers we take vehicles directly from the factory, bring them to our shop, “do that special thing we do” and then place them at a dealership lot near you.  This means you will always work with your local dealership when buying a Walodoch Vehicle. 

This is actually important part of our business, our customers need to develop a good relationship with their dealership to get the ongoing maintenance and any warranty support they need.  Our dealers are the experts on the vehicles we customize so it makes sense that they are the ones you should work with directly.

Buying our vehicles from a dealership also has some other benefits that might not be obvious right away.  Of course you can bring us a used or recently purchased vehicle and we will be happy to work on it.  But consider what is different when you buy a new Waldoch vehicle from a dealership.  For instance if you are financing your vehicle you will be able to finance the entire purchase, vehicle and conversion package in one monthly payment.  From a warranty perspective you will benefit from a 3 year 36K mile warranty on everything bumper to bumper, this includes all the things that Waldoch does to the vehicle!

Do contact us to tell us about your dream vehicle—or better yet, have us help you design it. We’ll always do our best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. But remember: “Ask your dealer about Waldoch customized conversion vans and trucks.”


Get a unique vehicle with all the stuff that makes it specifically yours. You get warranty support from your local dealership. And if you are financing you finance the whole vehicle, modifications and all in one payment.


Your dealership does what they do best. Provide the knowlege support, warranty service and maintenance services as well as financing options.


We do what we do; from researching and testing cutting edge new options and equipment to providing the tried and true classics. We build everything with attention to detail and the integrity Waldoch has come to stand for.